Monday, 18 April 2011

Twacebook and Fwitter – the marketers dream?

I was reading a blog from a fellow Copywriter… that I found via Twitter…. That I discovered because….. oh it doesn’t matter.  This was the moment I realised my life and business have been engulfed in a world of social networking.
I wondered, as many people do, just what is the point?  I am pretty sure there was a time when businesses managed without social networking websites.  Is Twitter pointless profitless work people feel has to be done to save risk of appearing out of touch?  And what of Facebook – is it not just a vehicle for teenagers to advertise their desired personality and hide their adolescent insecurities? 

In a word… no

There’s a reason why my life has become wrapped up in the joys of social networking.  It’s because I can see the benefits of Twitter for businesses.  With the power of re-tweeting and trending it‘s possible to reach thousands of people, providing I can turn each set of 140 characters into an interesting enough tweet.  And as more people follow @copywritingppl I can literally watch our business grow... and that is addictive. 

Twitter also helps to keep in touch with my competition, hear about new theories and find interesting articles on the latest marketing trends.  Twitter is made for businesses, and is not to be frowned at.

Unlike Twitter though, Facebook isn’t primarily made for the business world.  But it does have over 600 million active users all stating their likes and dislikes.  This makes it the perfect place for targeting a particular audience and reaching more people besides.  Facebook is a marketers dream and perfect for shameless promotion – you can like us here.

As for LinkedIn… well that deserves a whole other blog!

At The Copywriting People we’ve been tweeting and facebooking for a while now, for both clients and ourselves.  We’ve seen the benefits.  Today’s social media can bring added efforts and pressures to a business but it’s not a burden, it’s a blessing.

One thing is for sure though it takes more than a quick tweet to get your name out there.  When you’re busy tweeting and ‘liking’ industry moguls, remember to get some sales letter out there too - and if you need a hand writing them, you know where to find us… in social cyberspace of course!

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