Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Girls and boys – what really makes us tick?

We’ve been discussing adverts that have really grabbed our attention – a topic that provoked much debate.  For example, I thought that the Boots adverts were cleverly put together.  I now wear the most uncomfortably elaborate false eyelashes due to the selling power of these adverts!  Tim on the other hand thought they were terrible – the adverts and the eyelashes. 

A few strong words (and a smashed mug!) later, we realised why we felt so strongly.  The adverts were all gender specific.  Duh!

Sooooo we’ve decided to write a blog series looking at gender specific adverts and why they work.

Here come the girls!

The first advert on my hit list is the afore mentioned Boots advert.  I think it’s great.  From the moment it first graced our screens back in 2007 it has inspired us to tweeze, preen and put on our faces.  Whether we head straight for Boots or we go via a whole range of shops, one thing is for sure – it’s made us girlier!

Never again will we think staining ourselves with Gravy or Tea is an acceptable way to fake tan.  We’ve changed.  The series of ‘here come the girls’ adverts have taken everything we’ve wanted to be and made it possible – ultimate glam!

Why does it appeal?  Our bubbly natures and penchant for singing and dancing of course.  It depicts glamorous looking ‘regular’ girls ready for a good night out.  And that song – such independence.  What’s not to love?

So how does a company use this information to create better brochures, web content etc…

I guess the main thing to remember is your audience.  If you are selling to girls – recognise this in your marketing.

Boots know their main audience.  It’s here come the girls – not here come the girls, their dad and his dog.  Sell to your demographic.  Ignore the boys.  Ignore the kids.  Focus your all on the people who buy from you… the girls!

Gemma x

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Top five tips for copywriting to an audience that doesn’t want to listen…

I said…

Top five tips for copywriting to an audience that doesn’t want to listen!!!

The grammar is technically correct, the language flows and structurally it’s sound.  So why aren’t the calls flooding in? 

No one is reading.

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t want to read about utility pipe manufacture.  Or why one fire alarm is better than another – even when we really do need one!  So it’s important to spend some time making sure your material attracts and keeps the right audience.

Here are our top five ways to reel them in

  1. Before you start writing do your market research.  How old is your target audience?  What are they interested in?  Will they necessarily understand the technical terms of your business?  Once you can answer all the questions, you can start to write effective targeted copy.

  1. Know your competition.  What are you offering that they can’t?   Whether you’ve got a special offer on or you have the biggest sales force in the UK – make sure your audience knows why you’re different. 

  1. State the benefits.  This is the key to keeping an audience interested.  It’s not what you’re doing or how you’re doing it that encourages a reader to pick up the phone.  It’s whether they can get the highest quality or best deal that counts.

  1. Use ‘you’ and ‘your’.  Make it personal.  Let your audience know you’re talking directly to them.  Customers buy from you because they believe your products or services can make a real difference to them.

  1. Always write short and snappy sentences.  Keep it focused.