Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Girls and boys – what really makes us tick? II

You may remember in one of our earlier blogs Gemma discussed her love for the Boots adverts.  Well I’m going to hold up my end of the deal from our gender specific advert debate and write about what works for me as a man.

The Boots adverts are full of girls and for Gemma (being a girl) this was one of the highest selling points.  Well as it turns out us men are after the same thing!  It may sound clichéd but an advert full of women will generally sell a product to me.

I refrain from using Lynx products in the same way I refrain from doing most sweat inducing sports – and that works for me.  However, if I had a BO problem then I’m sure I’d use Lynx because of their powerful advertising.  And if I did use Lynx then no matter what I looked like or how I acted, women... not women – angels would fall at my feet.

As far as copywriting goes my point here is slightly controversial.  And that is sometimes it’s not innovation you need, sometimes the old gems work.  Lynx aren’t doing anything new (I’m pretty sure marketers have thought of using sex to sell products before…) and yet their adverts work.

That’s not to say don’t try anything new.  But beware formulas can become clichéd for a reason.  Personally I like playing with tested principals to create something new…  Which is why I keep pushing to use my hairy body in a bikini to sell girls deodorant.  But so far no takers.