Sunday, 10 April 2011

Doing our bit…. For Riverkids Project

The Copywriting People love to help.  Whether that’s helping an elderly person carry shopping bags up the stairs or giving up our seats on the tube.  And what better way to make a difference than to use our writing skills for a good cause? (yes, we are those people).

This month we’ve been helping Cambodian based charity Riverkids Project.  Gemma first worked with Riverkids Project back in 2007 when she volunteered as an English Teacher.  So it’s really amazing to help them out again.

Riverkids Project was set up in Singapore to help children and families at risk of trafficking in Cambodia.  As well as providing lessons for the children who can’t afford mainstream school, Riverkids also sponsors children through education, supports families seeking work and helps children with their daily hygiene.

We’ve been predominantly helping with their Tweets and, between us, we’re hoping to double @rkproject’s followers in the next 6 months – so if you’re on Twitter, you know what to do… Follow them!

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