Saturday, 12 March 2011

A "blog"

At TheCopywritingPeople we are especially finicky when it comes to using the correct grammar and punctuation.  However we love it when other people get it wrong!

We found this example of incorrectly used quotation marks on this hilarious blog.

The author here clearly has a point to make – unfortunately it is a boring one.  So quotation marks have been used to emphasise the “important” bits. 

Unfortunately though, it just seems sarcastic.  What exactly is this “Student Lab”?

Ah the fun we have over lunch!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

And it’s one: nil to the written word - long copy is back!

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of consumer brands using long copy to sell products.  Whilst B2B companies have being doing this for many years, consumer brands tended to use bold imagery and simple slogans.  Not any more.

As we discussed in our previous blog we mentioned that a post recession consumer is looking for facts.  They want a company and products they can trust.  Well it seems that even huge brands like Easy Jet are using long copy to entertain and inform their customers now. 

A recent advert, which won a national competition with CBS, cleverly disguised place names in a staggering ten lines of monologue.  Underneath each place name was a price.  It grabbed my attention for a number of reasons.

  1. Firstly because it took me back to a play I devised at University.  I’d decided I’d had enough of being ‘serious’ so I cleverly disguised band names into a scene we were writing.  I stuck it to the man (our very nice but solemn director, Dan). 
  2. Secondly because from a distance you can only read the main body of Easy Jet’s advert – and it isn’t until you get closer that the strange squiggles become prices. 
  3. Finally, most holiday adverts feature desirable imagery.  Easy Jet has opted to use long copy to display clear facts.  No image.  No slogan. 

I wanted to take a closer look...

Upon closer scrutiny, I discovered that the advert both entertained and informed me.  Who’d have thought you could get to Sofia for only £35.99?