Sunday, 27 February 2011

Copywriting Agency vs Freelance Copywriter

A round of coffee later and the office was filled with conversation.  We were discussing whether we are ‘Freelance Copywriters’ or a ‘Copywriting Agency’.  The connotations of the words were so different, yet we couldn’t easily say which bracket we fell into.

The connotations
  • A Freelance Copywriter is usually cheaper and, for a one off, you can probably get something back quicker. 
  • An Agency might be fully booked for the next three weeks but their results are often better.  And once you’re ‘in’ they have the capacity for regular projects.

The research
Google is jam packed with results for freelance copywriters.  Look more closely though and you’ll find many have limited writing skills.  A business professional could be forgiven for overlooking freelancers.

But would they be right?  Spend some time scrolling through their websites and you’ll find Freelancers who can write – and well too! 

It wasn’t just freelancers that were hit and miss.  A quick look at websites for Copywriting Agencies also showed varying degrees of quality.  Additionally, there were a number of ‘Agencies’ that seemed to be single writers operating under the guise of an agency – so no different to a freelancer at all then. 

At The Copywriting People, we’re freelancers with an agency twist.  Deciding where we should market ourselves was never going to be easy.  We chose to just stick with ‘Copywriters’ and I think that is how we’ll keep it.   After all what does it really matter as long as we get the job done… well.

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